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ACP Panel, Aluminum Composite Panel Production Machine Line

Product details

The aluminum composite panel production machine line is designed for making the composite sandwich panel. The complete process is as follows:
First, the PE panel, extruded continuously by special extruder, the thickness of which adjusted by the T-die, is to be cooled by a three-roller calender and then compounded with polymer adhesive film.
Second, preheating the aluminum sheet through the preheat roller.
Third, waste heat of the PE core panel is used to pre compound the PE panel with upper and lower aluminum sheets in the first and second sets of compound machine unit at proper temperature.
After that, through the process of hot press rolling, finish rolling, cooling, flattening, trimming and coating with protective film, the aluminum composite panel is to be cut into the specified size and then we get the final product.

1. High capacity, full range of specifications, and the thickness of aluminum composite panel varies from 1mm to 8mm
2. The thickness of aluminum sheet for compounding ranges from 0.018mm to 0.5mm
3. Recycled PE material can be used
4. Mature technics and simple operation

Parameters of optional models:
Model: JET-FH-1300

Diameter of screw (mm): Φ180 or Φ85/188
Height of central line (mm): 1100
Production speed (m/min): 0-6
Real power (Kw/h): 220
Width of composite panel (mm): 800-1300
Dimension (mm): 51000X3600X3500

Model: JET-FH-1600
Diameter of screw (mm): Φ190 or Φ85/188
Height of central line (mm): 1100
Production speed (m/min): 0-6
Real power (Kw/h): 260
Width of composite panel (mm): 800-1600
Dimension (mm): 51000X3800X3500

Parameters of composite panel:
Width: 800-1300mm or 800-1600mm
Thickness: 1~8mm
Length: set by production requirements

Application of composite panel:
Composite panel:

The aluminum composite panel can be widely applied to various architectural decorations, such as exterior wall of building, facade decoration, ceiling, column, furniture, elevator, storefront, billboard, bus and train box, partition wall material for aircraft and ships, as well as outer box of equipment and instruments.


Equipment 1:
PE material is transported by feeder to the barrel screw of the extruder, where it is to be melted at high temperature. After extruded, the thickness of core panel is to be adjusted by the T-die.

Equipment 2:
The calender is for cold press molding of the panel extruded by T-die, to provide PE core material for later compounding.

Equipment 3:
Uncoiling machine
The single wall movable uncoiling machine with upper and lower sliding blocks, cooperating with high-precision magnetic powder tension control system, can ensure the tension requirement for continuous production and convey color coated aluminum coil to compound machine unit stably and flatly.

Equipment 4:
Compound machine unit
At proper temperature, pre compound PE core panel with upper and lower aluminum sheets in the first and second sets of compound machine unit, then hot press rolling and finish rolling is to be done.

Equipment 5:
Cooling unit
Composite panel is cooled by the air-quantity adjustable air-cooled cooling unit, which guarantees the panel is cooled to normal temperature in a stable curve manner after passing compound machine unit, meanwhile satisfying temperature requirement for covering with protective film later.

Equipment 6:
Cut-to-length sensor
After composite panel is cooled, flattened and trimmed, the cut-to-length sensor generates a feedback signal, indicating the shearer automatically clamps it to move synchronously in the conveying direction, and automatically return to the original position after cut off. The dimensional accuracy of shearing panel is therefore guaranteed.

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