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A2 Grade Fireproof Core Panel Production Line

Product details

Through mixing, stirring and extrusion processes, this production line can make the inorganic powder into plate-shaped soft core material, then the core panel can be shaped by heating, squeezing and cooling process. This core material is an A2 flame retardant inorganic core material that can completely replace the PE material, and can composite fireproof composite board with upper and lower metal sheets. It is a new choice for modern architecture and decoration.

Finished product
Main parameters:
Model JET-FR-1300 JET-FR-1600
Center height 1100 1100
Capacity (m/min) 1-2 1-2
Installed power (kw/h) 550 620
Production power (kw/h) 280 320
Panel width(mm) 800-1300 800-1600
Dimension (mm) 90000*3800*3000 90000*4000*3000
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