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Corrugated Core Metal Composite Panel Machine Line

The corrugated core metal composite panel machine line which compounds high grade top and bottom aluminum coil and 3D aluminum hollow core material by hot pressing, is to form a new composite panel decoration material with hard, light and sandwich structure.

1. Flameproof grade can reach up to A2
2. Light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and easy installation
3. Single material, high peeling strength and long service life
4. Beautiful in color, various specifications

Parameters of optional model
Model JET-STD-1500
Center Height(mm) 1100
Production Speed(m/min) 1-4
Installed Power(Kw/h) 120
Production Power(Kw/h) 50
Width of Product(mm) 800-1500
Dimension(mm) 35000×4000×3000

In addition to the model above, we can provide customized model for customers.

Product details

Application of composite panel
The corrugated core metal composite panel can be widely used in decoration of curtain wall, interior and exterior wall of building, elevator, train body, billboards and other high-end places.

  • Corrugated core metal composite panel
  • Corrugated core metal composite panel
  • Application

Equipment 1
Core material uncoiling and embossing
Through metal core uncoiling, special embossing and polymer film heat treatment, the equipment provides molded core material for the subsequent process.

Equipment 2
Compound unit
Compound PE core panel, upper and lower aluminum coils at proper temperature and then they will be molded by hot press rolling and finish rolling.

Equipment 3
Cooling unit
The air-quantity adjustable air-cooled cooling unit is to cool the composite panel, guaranteeing it is cooled to normal temperature in a stable curve manner after through compound machine unit. Meanwhile, providing the temperature requirement for subsequent process of covering with protective film.

Equipment 4
Cut-to-length sensor
The cut-to-length sensor will generate a feedback signal after cooling, flattening and trimming the panel, indicating the shearing machine clamps it to move synchronously in the conveying direction. After it is cut off, the shearing machine will automatically return to its original position. Thus dimensional precision of shearing panel is guaranteed.

Equipment 5
Electronic control system
The electronic control system controls the whole machine unit.

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