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Aluminum Composite Material Separation Machine

Aluminum composite material separation machine is independently designed and made by our company, which can separate aluminum and plastic from waste ACP(aluminum composite panel) and its leftover material. After separating, the aluminum can maintain the original quality, and plastics can also be recycled. As these advantages can make greater economic benefits, the separation machine is the best equipment for reducing cost, saving expense and solving waste accumulation.

1. Compared with other similar separation machine, our product is of higher output and less energy consumption in case of the same power.
2. Adding the dust collection device effectively reduces dust pollution.
3. The design of the main fan discharge greatly reduces the workers’ labor intensity.
4. The mainframe cover can be opened, making it easy for repairing and tool replacement.
5. Adopting wind and water double cooling system, the temperature can be effectively lowered and the grinded material is not easy to change.

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