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Steel Coil, Aluminum Coil Rewinding Machine

During production, transportation and using process, the steel coil and aluminum coil may be caused non-standard products for various reasons, such as missing coating, wrinkle and crush. Our steel coil, aluminum coil rewinding machine , through checking, cutting the non-standard parts and rewinding, can provide products of standard specifications according with customer needs.

Parameters of optional models
Model JETR-1300 JETR-1600
Inner diameter specification Φ150\ Φ405\Φ508mm Φ150\Φ405\Φ508mm
Outer diameter specification ≤Φ1500mm ≤Φ1500mm
Roll width 800-1300mm 800-1600mm
Roll thickness 0.03-1mm 0.03-1mm
Rewinding speed 0-100m/min 0-100m/min

In addition to the models above, we also provide customized model according to customers requirement.

Product details

Equipment 1

Unwinding unit
The unwinding unit is mainly for unwinding the aluminum coil and keeping required tension.

Equipment 2
Trailing unit
This part primarily guarantees the required tension during the conveyance of steel coil and aluminum coil.

Equipment 3
Rewinding unit
With rectifying deflection device, the unit is chiefly in charge of rewinding steel coil and aluminum coil.

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