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    1. Aluminum Coil Coating Line
    2. Aluminum Coil Coating Line Color coated aluminum coil, finished through the process of degreasing, cleaning, passivation, coating and baking, is mainly used in fields of construction decoration such as ACP(aluminum composite panel), ceiling and hydrophilic aluminum foil on the radiator.
    1. Steel Coil Coating Line
    2. Steel Coil Coating Line The color coated steel panel, made of galvanized steel plate, is finished through degreasing, phosphating, chromating, coating with organic paint and baking.
      The waste gas in oven can be recycled by burning to generate heat.
    1. A2 grade fireproof core panel production line
    2. Through mixing, stirring and extrusion processes, this production line can make the inorganic powder into plate-shaped soft core material, then the core panel can be shaped by heating, squeezing and cooling process. This core material is an A2 flame retardant inorganic core material that can completely replace the PE material, and can composite fireproof composite board with upper and lower metal sheets.
    1. Flameproof Aluminum Composite Panel Machine Line
    2. The flameproof composite panel is a new type of non-combustible decoration material, which uses non-combustible inorganic material as the core material and coated aluminum panel(or copper, steel and other metal panel) as its surface. The flameproof composite panel can be widely used in interior and exterior decoration of various kinds of building.
    1. Corrugated Core Metal Composite Panel Machine Line
    2. The corrugated core metal composite panel machine line which compounds high grade top and bottom aluminum coil and 3D aluminum hollow core material by hot pressing, is to form a new composite panel decoration material with hard, light and sandwich structure.
    1. PVC Foam Board Machine Line
    2. The PVC foam board machine is a kind of PVC panel extrusion machine. PVC foam board produced by the machine has good performance in sound insulation, heat insulation and preservation, flame resistance, moisture-proof, rot resistance, non-absorbency, shockproof and lightweight, making it easy for transportation.
    1. Steel Sheet Hot Dip Galvanizing Line
    2. The steel sheet hot dip galvanizing line is to produce galvanized sheet with easy coating and high corrosion resistance properties, which is made of cold rolled steel sheet and finished after degreasing, anneal, hot-dip galvanizing, temper, passivation and coating.
    1. Steel Coil Film Laminated Line
    2. The steel coil film laminated line adopts special technics to process hot-dip galvanized coil and cold rolled coil by organic coating and covering PET,PVC,PET+PVC films, to make natural grains and beautiful colors of the surface of the final product.
    1. Reflective Insulation Steel Sheet Line
    2. The reflective insulation steel sheet line adopting high-tech, compounded by two sides anti-aging nanometer aluminum film and color galvanized steel, has reflective heat insulation, anti-ageing, anti-corrosion and acid-proof alkaline of metal roofing materials.
    1. Aluminum Composite Material Separation Machine
    2. ACP Panel Processing Machines Aluminum composite material separation machine is independently designed and made by our company, which can separate aluminum and plastic from waste ACP(aluminum composite panel) and its leftover material. After separating, the aluminum can maintain the original quality, and plastics can also be recycled.
    1. Steel Coil, Aluminum Coil Rewinding Machine
    2. Steel Coil, Aluminum Coil Rewinding Machine Our steel coil, aluminum coil rewinding machine , through checking, cutting the non-standard parts and rewinding, can provide products of standard specifications according with customer needs.
    1. Accessory Equipment